Dick Smith Responds to Rossi E-Cat Test Refusal

After Rossi rejected Dick Smith’s offer to pay $1 million in return for a successful E-Cat test, Smith made the following comment on the ecatnews.com web site:

Dick Smith
February 15, 2012 at 5:28 am

I did not send my email to Mr Rossi via Mr Krivit. I have no prior knowledge of this person until sent him (and many others) a copy of the email I had sent Rossi.
I sent a copy of my email to Rossi to as many web sites that I could find that covered the E cat device. This was to get maximum coverage of my genuine offer.
No I will not put money in escrow to purchase an E cat. This would allow Mr Rossi to continue taking investment money from Australians and others while saying that my pre purchase gives credibility to the whole scam.
I have had 30 years experience in dealing with people like Rossi. Unfortunately I have seen lots of money lost by genuine believers like many on this site.
I thought it was very likely Mr Rossi would refuse to repeat the most simplest of his demonstrations. There is one obvious reason for this- the device does not work. And by the way I am happy to accept a power output of three times the input!

Rossi’s counter offer was that Smith purchase a 1 MW plant and test it himself, but that is clearly not going to happen. It appears that Smith’s motive for making the offer was to expose Rossi as a fraudster, and it may well be that after this episode — which many saw as a great opportunity for Rossi to make his case, and some money as well — that Rossi’s estimation may go down in the eyes of some. Rossi probably won’t care very much; he seems to be focused on his work as always, and doesn’t appear to have the desire to impress curious observers with any more demonstrations.