Rossi on Dick Smith’s Offer: “I Do Not Need His Money”

Well that didn’t take very long, and Rossi’s response to Dick Smith’s offer of $1 million in return for a successful demo of an E-Cat is consistent with what he has been saying for the last few months:

“This is a Clownerie. If this guy wants to test a 1 MW plant and has 1 million to spend he can buy a 1 MW plant, with a regular contract, that gives him all the necessary guarantees and to us the logic financial guarantees. Our plants Are tested by Our Customers and the Consultants they choose. I have not time at all for this clownery. Besides: when Our E-CATS will be in the market, this “millionaire” will have the chance to buy for few hundred dollars an E-Cat and test it as he wants, so why waste money? I do not need his money.”

There’s a certain logic to Rossi’s response: Smith can buy a 1 MW plant, (apparently he can afford it) and would get his money back if it didn’t work as advertised — or he could wait and buy a small E-Cat when they come on the market. I think, like everyone else, Smith is wanting to know for sure if the E-Cat is what Rossi claims it to be, but we don’t know if he will be willing to purchase a plant to put it to the test.

If he did purchase a plant he could test it thoroughly and let the world know the results — which would be very interesting for everyone following the E-Cat story.