Rossi Provides Details about E-Cat Licensees

Andrea Rossi provided more details about how his E-Cat distribution network is going to operate. The information provided seems to have been in response to a document posted on the new Energy Times blog which was apparently an invoice sent by Leonardo Corporation to the Australian organization Byron New Energy Charitable Trust for a license to be an E-Cat distributor.


Information regarding Leonardo Corporation’s Commercial License Policy:
Since some clown ( probably a “millionaire” clown, who has teamed up with a puppet snake) has put on the net an unvalid invoice from Leonardo Corporation, while our attorneys are working on the issue, I deem opportune to clarify the policy of Leonardo Corporation regarding the commercial licenses.
We give exclusive commercial licenses for limited territories. When the interested persons ask to us a commercial license to sell the E-Cats we make an offer. The price of the license depends on many factors, regarding the Territory. If the interested persons agree upon the text that we propose, we send a text of an agreement, which is obviously covered by NDA. The uncorrect persons do not respect the NDA and our attorneys take care of them. After the interested persons sign the agreement, we send an invoice, and the agreement is deemed valid only after the payment of the license fee is done within the term agreed. If the payment is not done, the agreement expires and that invoice for which the payment has not been made is compensated in the accounting by a credit memo.
When a Customer asks to buy a product of Leonardo Corp, he is addressed to the proper licensee.
All the persons interested to our commercial licenses can send the request and a description of their organization to:
[email protected]
I must add that practically all the world’s Territories have been already licensed. Soon we will organize a convention of all our Licensees, for the presentation of the E-Cat, in the final shape that will be marketed, and in that occasion we will give the full list of all our Licensees. The most important Territories in which we have not yet found the right licensee are:
1- Russia
2- Japan
We take this occasion to solicit the People interested to these territories to contact us. Attention: we give the licences only to Organizations which are settled inside the Territories for which they want to buy the license.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
CEO of Leonardo Corp.

It’s interesting to learn that the globe is almost fully covered by licensees — it sounds like there has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes — Rossi says he likes to work in peace. Knowing Rossi’s desire for confidentiality, it would not be surprising that any meeting of licensees for the presentation of the E-Cat will be done in private also.