New Energy Times: National Instruments Officer States Rossi ‘Currently Not a Customer’

New Energy Times is reporting about Andrea Rossi’s relationship with National Instruments, the company that Andrea Rossi has said has been helping develop control systems for the E-Cat. Steven Krivit of NET reports that an unnamed author who is working on book about Rossi has been in touch with National Instruments inquiring about their relationship with Andrea Rossi.

This author reports that Julia Betts, Corporate Communications Manager at National Instruments said about NI’s relationship with Rossi, “we were only in discussions with the Leonardo Corporation regarding the use of National Instruments’ engineering tools. Currently, Leonardo Corporation/Andrea Rossi is not a customer of National Instruments.”

This statement obviously raises some questions about the relationship between the two companies — when Betts says “currently” Rossi is not a customer it could mean that at some future time he may be a customer, or possibly he has been a customer in the past, but no longer is. Maybe the discussions broke off. Since Rossi had praised the contribution that NI had been making in the development of the E-Cat this report is sure to generate some questions for him, and it will be interesting to hear his response.