The Case for ‘Working in Peace’ on the E-Cat

One of the frequent criticisms of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat project is its secrecy. No one knows where the factory is located, who (other than Rossi) is involved in building it, who is working there, etc., — and all this leads to the speculation from some that there is actually nothing going on at all — that the whole story is a massive lie. In the absence of evidence to the contrary it is hard to prove for sure that Leonardo Corp. is actually involved in building any kind of production facility at all.

If Andrea Rossi is in fact getting ready for mass E-Cat production, he probably won’t mind too much if people don’t believe that there is anything going on. It would mean that people don’t expect to find anything, and won’t be looking for his premises. Yesterday Rossi made the following comment when someone asked him if it would be possible to show some photos of him in his factory. “Within hours the place would be discovered and our safety and security should be jeopardized. The Puppeteers would unleash their snakes. We want to work in peace.”

It’s interesting that he cites ‘safety and security’ here. It is not unlikely that if the E-Cat factory is discovered that there would be many people who would be hanging around the place, trying to get a look inside, perhaps even wanting to break in if they were motivated to steal some technology. You would probably have both believers and doubters hanging around, looking for reasons to believe or doubt. Then there would be the workers to consider. If workers at the plant were identified, they would no doubt be questioned and perhaps harassed by people wanting to know more about the E-Cat technology and Leonardo’s business plans.

So if Rossi is doing what he says he is, it makes good business sense for his production facilities to stay as hidden as possible. If the premises do in fact exist, however, in this day and age with internet scouts all over the world, it may be hard for Rossi to keep them hidden for as long as he hopes.