Nyteknik: Professor Roland Pettersson of Uppsala University Reports on Feb 20 E-Cat Demo

A new article in NyTeknik by Mats Lewan reports on the status of testing of Defkalion Green Technologies’ Hyperion reactor and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. Sources have told Lewan that the recent testing reported by DGT were safety tests. More tests will apparently be forthcoming.

Professor Roland Pettersson, retired associate professor of chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden told NyTeknik that he, along with other unnamed persons, attended a demonstration on February 20th of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. Petterson told NyTeknik that the new versions of the E-Cat are more stable. Lewan writes, “Roland Pettersson told Ny Teknik that the system was now much more stable. A new set of control electronics was used and the system was started just pushing a button. However, no energy measurement was performed.”

Rossi had told me in a recent interview that the 1 MW plant had been overhauled, and that they had dealt with various problems one by one. This improved plant is apparently what Pettersson is describing. I asked Rossi why he considered the 1 MW plant a “magnificence” and he responded that he felt a great deal of satisfaction in the work he’d been able to accomplish with it. He sounded like an artist speaking about a masterpiece he had created.

Pettersson also told Nyteknik that he was shown a prototype of the small 10 kW E-Cat which he described as slightly larger than a laptop with inlets and outlets for water.