Rossi Vows Fight to Defend Intellectual Property

Andrea Rossi responded to an inquiry about the recent test of his E-Cat mentioned by Roland Pettersson with a stern declaration about defending his intellectual property. The full text of his post is below:

Dear Martin:
We started the tests of the domestic reactor. The technology is completely changed, new patents have been applied for, an intense testing program is going on. With very good results. The data are totally covered, we are talking of the unit that will me made in 1 million pcs/year, we will not give any data before the next Autumn. No pictures will be available until the product will be for sale. The strategy with which we will annichilate the competition must remain secret to the last moment. By the way: if there is out there some clown that thinks to buy a bulk of E-Cats, change the body and say”here is our product! We copied it from Rossi because we are the Mandrake of the copycat!” better forget it from now. Our sales will go exclusively to our Customers and our Licensees and we will be very much aware of where our E-Cats will go: no bulk sales outside our sales network, and a price too low to allow a profitable reverse-engineering. By the way: we are receiving very strange and pretty much clownesque requests of pre-order for tens of thousands of E-Cats from the Aegean area…. By the way: all the investors who think to make money investing in companies who are copying our patents, both pending and granted, better prepare an army of attorneys: we will not only make extremely competitive prices, but also will defend in all the competent Courts our Intellectual Property. Better to know this from the very beginning.
Warm Regards,

Interestingly, Rossi is not only warning potential competitors that he stands ready to defend his intellectual property rights in court, he is also sending a message to potential investors in his competitors. Very possibly he is directing his comments to Defkalion Green Technologies in these remarks — possibly there are others he has in mind. Defkalion’s strategy is to provide its technology to manufacturers who pay a substantial license fee, and in this statement Rossi is perhaps hoping to discourage people from signing up as a licensees of Defkalion.

No doubt Rossi’s competitors have their own legal strategies lined up if they are challenged on intellectual property grounds — and it could be that the moment the E-Cats hit the market that legal action on a variety of fronts is taken. It’s hardly surprising to see this kind of posturing ahead of what could be a launch of a groundbreaking technology — there’s lots at stake.