The E-Cat and The Ether?

The following guest post was submitted by Italian engineer Dr. Antonio Ruggeri for the consideration of the readers of E-Cat World.

29 February 2012

On the nature of the Universal reality and the dependence of the interpretation of physical phenomena from the existence of the Ether

I have been ruminating for a while now, on all the incoming news originating from the E-Cat invention and my conclusion (not only mine…) is that we are in for house cleaning in the domain of Big Science, (or presumed such) since as it becomes more clear by the day, Big Science was hijacked by a clique bent only in big promises whilst producing small or no results. In other words, a mixed group of scientists and politicians created a routine capable of fleecing nations of their best resources, to be used to their own advantage.

The E-cat is the result of a lucky strike originated by obstinate research and achieved conjecturing commonsensical conclusions, though use of a genial intuitive capacity in the consciousness that there was a real possibility of success provided that a determined effort was made.

We can see that these are the characters of Ing. Rossi’s profile and what he achieved is now most welcome, nevertheless no one can claim to know what is going on in scientific terms and I can safely say that he and the whole flock of the scientists keenly interested and now claiming theoretical knowledge, when it comes to explanations went really astray.

Presently, the whole scientific establishment has been driven far off the possibility to give sound scientific explanations by their obstinate negation of the existence of what was called “The Ether” and is totally unable to proceed.

The Ether, needs to be defined as “the pristine active substance or pure energy existing on a pure and uncontaminated and non degraded status” which is at the base of all phenomena developed by nature.

I ask to the reader a simple question: “was the man (men), who discovered fire, able to give a rational scientific explanation to that phenomenon?”, the answer is no, this didn’t impede the human race from using the fire to its own advantage for many thousands of years, whilst no man had a clue of what from the physical point was behind the phenomenon.

The same now applies to the E-cat and I feel strongly that the real revolution which the E-Cat will produce is founded on the promise that there will be a renovation of scientific perceptions capable to break up the present stagnation.

A scientific approach to the field of Universal Dynamics reveals the necessity to tie up the reality of the universe to continuity of events and this perception leads to the hypothesis that nature follows a series of events tied up the one to the other, in concatenation, along a natural open cycle of transformations-degradations which starts from the primordial substance which I renamed the “Ether/ESF” (ESF for Energized Space Fabric) , this cycle is giving rise to the natural world (as we see it) in which the Ether/ESF is acquiring different names as it proceeds, and ends up into “ashes” which in our case are named “dissipation”, which represents the ultimate status of the Ether/ESF after it has undergone the various transformations-degradations defining its successive states of existence.

Note: the serious student will certainly appreciate that dissipation, being tied up to specific values of density “ c” of flow “c” of substance (reducible to temperature) is still capable to generate a subroutine of transformations-degradations which on our Earth,(for example, just to mention the association to life of the dissipation coming from the Sun), result into an end product in which part of the energy absorbed as dissipation from the Sun is mainly upgraded and stored as chemical bonds exchanged by the masses of the atoms and whose balance (in observance of conservation) is coming out (of Earth) as dissipation at lower temperature (at a ).

A new look at our surroundings, made under these intuitions, is regenerating the way we perceive the natural reality and these intuitions are so promising that with their use I could solve quite a few problems .

Whilst plodding along new grounds, I had, of course, to go slowly through these explanations but I didn’t face major setbacks and now I am in possess of a theory which belongs to me and gave me abundant intellectual satisfactions, I even ventured to an explanation (based on the existence of the Ether/ESF) of the E-cat phenomenon with conclusions which though are easy to understand are also of a revolutionary nature.

I kept these conclusions to myself since I had to taste how is hopeless to try to argue with “educated ignorance”.

The infallible professor is unapproachable and has already passed judgement on the poor engineer “that I am” and the discounted conclusion that he pronounces is: ”what does this fellow engineer knows? He is disqualified, undignified and incapable to formulate a true theory!”

At this point I have no choice rather than to keep my Truth basking on its pleasant warmth whilst carrying on making more discoveries (since the character of the Truth is that it leads to other Truths), I am not in a hurry since I know that the professor and the others who will take his place will take at least 300 years to reach the conclusions now in my hands.

© Dr. Ing. Antonio Ruggeri