Waiting for the E-Cat: Attitudes of E-Cat Observers

It’s an interesting thing to have been watching the story of the E-Cat for over a year now. Aside from learning about the technology itself, it has been instructive to watch how fellow followers have been reacting to the various ins and outs of the story. I would say that there are some broad categories of attitudes into which observers fall into.

1. “It will never work. The whole story has been a scam from the beginning, and eventually the house of cards will fall and Rossi will be exposed as a fraud.”

2. “Intially I was hopeful that Rossi had made a breakthrough, but it has taken so long for us to see anything fully convincing that I am losing hope of ever seeing anything come of this.”

3. “The more I hear about the technology from Rossi, the less impressed I am. A COP of 6 for heat is really not that impressive — it won’t save me much money to have an E-Cat in my home. I’m losing interest.”

4. “Rossi made the technical breakthrough, but Defkalion is the company that has better engineering and will have superior products. They are the company to watch.”

5. “Rossi is motivated by greed when the world is desperate for the technology he has discovered. Why doesn’t he just open source it and let people around the world develop his technology so all can benefit from his discovery as soon as possible?”

6. “Rossi is building a new industry here, and is acting like one would expect an engineer and businessman in his position to act. He’s working on developing his product and giving no secrets away to the competition. Be patient and give him time to get the job done right.”

7. “Rossi has just scratched the surface of the possibilities for LENR. His E-Cats will be very primitive compared to what will come when others build on his discovery — but he has opened the door for a bright technological future”

Having read thousands of comments from E-Cat observers these are some of broad and not always mutually exclusive categories of attitudes towards the E-Cat that I see. Waiting for something that could turn out to be wonderful is always a difficult position to be in. The anticipating can provide hope and motivation, but the suspense can be frustrating and hard to deal with, and delays and disappointments can increase uncertainties and doubt.

The gamut of attitudes is not at all surprising considering the position E-Cat observers are currently in. Rossi has said plenty about his work, we have been given some demonstrations by Rossi, and heard from firsthand witnesses of those demos, but questions remain, and there is still plenty of distrust and uncertainty surrounding the E-Cat.

It is going to be a while before we find out what the final result of this whole story will be, but it’s likely that the discussion will continue and perhaps increase in volume. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has a different attitude than one the areas I have outlined above.