New Interview With Andrea Rossi by Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now

Kudos to Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now for travelling to Florida to conduct an interview with Andrea Rossi in his corporate office. It’s always interesting to see and hear Rossi talking his technology, and in this interview there is some interesting information discussed, particularly when he discusses the role that the nickle powder plays in the reaction. Normally Rossi declines to talk about anything that goes on inside the reactor, but in this interview he gets into a little more detail than usual about the inner workings of the E-Cat.

Rossi also explains that in the quest to produce efficient electricity, so far the maximum stable temperature he has managed to get is around 200 C from an E-Cat. The Siemens turbine that he has mentioned is able to generate electricity at around 30 per cent efficiency from a steam temperature of 251 C, and so Rossi says there is still some work to do reach that goal.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The reasons for the differences in cost between the cost per kW between the domestic and industrial E-Cats
  • Why Rossi will not reveal the location of his US production facility (even ‘under torture’)
  • The process of getting safety certification for the E-Cat in the US and other countries.

The full 30 minute video clip can be seen here.