The Long Wait

It’s not difficult to notice that the longer time passes without E-Cats appearing in the real world, the less credulity many people give to the reality of Andrea Rossi’s invention — that also goes for Defkalion GT and their Hyperions.

One of the strange things about this whole story is that news about the energy catalyzer technology was released over a year ago (apparently at the insistence of Sergio Focardi, Andrea Rossi’s collaborator), long before there was any chance of a commercial application being available. News of a technology like the E-Cat, which has such an obvious appeal to a world full of energy problems, was tantalizing, but also frustrating to people who wanted to know everything about it as soon as possible. Since the initial news conference and subsequent demonstrations the invention has not yet been observed and tested in a setting outside the control of its inventors, and the long wait continues.

It’s not surprising that some people are giving up on the possibility of this technology being real. We live in a world where news cycles span days, and it seems that the E-Cat story is going to run for months and years before it comes to a conclusion. Unless substantial news comes along there will probably be more doubting commentary on the Internet, and a drop-off in interest. It seems that Rossi himself is somewhat in a waiting mode, since he says he is not going to go into production of his home-based E-Cat units until safety certifications are granted from Underwriters Laboratories.

But in the final analysis, what people say or think will have little impact on the work that Rossi and others are doing if he indeed has what he says he has. Rossi will probably be happy if people lose interest — it will give him more of an opportunity to work in peace.

I still think that this is very interesting story (For the record I am a believer that the tech is real) and I intend to continue to follow developments, and post about things I find interesting here. Certainly I would like to see E-Cat technology on the market as soon as possible, but I think that realistically we are going to have to wait a while for all the necessary things to fall into place that will allow mass production to take place. I suppose it is conceivable that safety certification by UL could be denied — which would require a major rethink by Rossi.

So the long wait continues — and people will make of the wait what they will.