Rossi: E-Cat Factory “Under Another Name” For Security Reasons

There has been quite a bit of speculation about the whereabouts (or even the existence) of Leonardo Corp.’s factory where Andrea Rossi has said he is building his E-Cat production line. The only details that Rossi has provided on its location is that it is in Florida. A Journal of Nuclear Physics reader recently posted this question about the factory.”I’m having a running disagreement with colleague. He contends that you don’t own a factory in Miami Florida, but perhaps have a subcontractor. I contend you have said you have a factory, implying ownership either by you or by your corporation. Could you clarify so I can be assured of my interpretation.”

Rossi’s answer: “We have a factory, but for safety and security reasons it is under another name and we will not disclose it until the situation is like the present. What counts for our Customers is that our products work well.”

Rossi doesn’t confirm or deny that the factory is in Miami, but since he has an office there, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were. The fact that the factory is under different name will make it hard for amateur E-Cat sleuths to track down the location — it might not be so hard for professional investigators with a reason to find it.