Discussion of Celani and Srivastava Presentation at CERN

I heard most of the webcast from CERN today and have picked up on some interesting comments and details, but the information is coming so thick and fast from both speakers that I have only been able to gain a somewhat cursory impression of the material presented.

To begin with I have to say that Dr. Srivastava’s presentation went over my head rather since he focused on the theoretical aspects of LENR, but I have been very interested in Celani’s presentation who has cataloged many experiments that he and many others have conducted (including one at NASA in 1989) which he states in many cases confirmed the Pons and Fleischmann effect. Celani spoke very well but with a very heavy Italian accent which caused me to miss some things (I was listening and did not read his slides) — he also went longer than scheduled. Celani mentioned Rossi and Defkalion but explained that he could not verify their claims because they have been working in secret. Another interesting fact that came from Celani was that Mitsubishi and Toyota have both been involved in providing funding for LENR research, along with the Japanese Government — and also the Japanese Emperor!

Until a more thorough report is available I’ll ask people to post their thoughts impressions in the comments section below. I expect that before too long the video and slides will be archived and be available for review. I’m looking forward to reviewing his presentation. Thanks!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the slides and other documentation for today’s presentation: http://indico.cern.ch/materialDisplay.py?materialId=slides&confId=177379&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter