Rossi on Certification Process

Andrea Rossi today made a couple of comments on his site that indicate a level of confidence regarding the receipt of safety authorizations for his domestic E-Cat units:

“We are under a process of certification made by authorized entities: I am pretty sure they are making the certification respecting all the specific laws existing in the matter.”

“We already got the green light from all the competent Authorities, so far the certifications are in course.”

The safety certifications are going to be crucial in terms of getting the domestic E-Cats to market. Until the certifications are granted Rossi has said there will be no mass production of anything. He also mentioned that work on the production line continues, but there will likely be modifications made to it in response to any adjustments that the ‘authorities’ require: “the robotized line to produce the E-Cats is already in production . . . the programs of the robots will be adjusted as soon as we will have the requirements from the certificators”

A final comment from Rossi today in response to an admitted skeptic: “Conserve this comment of mine: if within 16 months we will not have in operation this factory, I will pay you pizza and bier.” That’s not much of a gamble, but at least there is a rough deadline we can look forward to.