Interview With Robert George and Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy — Announce Successful Cold Fusion Reactor

James Martinez of Cash Flow Radio has conducted an interview with Brillouin Energy‘s Chief Executive Officer Robert George and President and Chief Technical Officer Robert E. Godes.

The reason they said they are ready to conduct an interview at this point (and not earlier) is because they have been able to develop a control system that allows a reaction to start and stop, and run in a steady state mode. They said that next month they will be working with Mike McKubre of SRI International to run a reactor at a higher temperature.

Godes states that the Brillouin’s reaction starts with an endothermic reaction (reaction that absorbs heat) and ends with a more powerful exothermic reaction (reaction releases heat). Brillouin is working on two systems, the first one provides heat at 140 degrees C, (called the “wet boiler”) the second one reaches 400 – 450 degrees C. George says that they have applied for patents, but have been told by a patent examiner at the US Patent Office that the office is still not permitted to grant patents in the cold fusion field.

Robert George said that financing has been difficult to obtain, and they are working towards securing a two million dollar investment. Their business plan is not to manufacture products, but to license technology to third party producers. George says that Brillouin has been receiving visits from a number of entities, including the Naval Research Lab and “major corporations.”

Godes expresses doubts about whether both Andrea Rossi and Defkalion actually have technology that is ready for the marketplace, but says he would like to see them succeed in order to bring recognition and acceptance to the field of cold fusion.

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