Rossi Tells 1 MW Plant Will Soon Be Opened to Public

A new interview by James Burgess with Andrea Rossi has been published at the web site. An extensive list of questions are dealt with, many of which are answered by Rossi in a manner that will not be unfamiliar to follower of the E-Cat story, however there some interesting details that come out in the interview which provide some new information from Rossi.

First of all, when asked what the Energy Catalyzer is, Rossi answers in a slightly different way than he has done previously:

“The E-Cat machine is basically a heater. It uses a secret catalyser to fuse hydrogen and nickel together to form copper. Copper has a lower energy state than Nickel, and the excess
energy is released in the form of a gamma ray. The gamma ray hits a wall of lead where it is absorbed and transformed into heat. The whole process is incredibly efficient and can heat any fluid that passes through the machine.”

Asked to estimate the cost of electricity that the E-Cat can produce, Rossi provides a figure of $10 per megawatt/hour (although he warns this is not an “official” estimate)

Rossi’s most intriguing disclosure comes in response to a question about recent developments. He says, “We are very close to completing a 1MW plant in the US which will soon be opened to the public.

An E-Cat plant that would be open for members of the public to visit and inspect would be a new approach from Rossi, who has been very secretive about his work for so long. No doubt he will now be asked questions on his blog about where and when and how the plant can be visited. Let’s hope it won’t be too long of a wait to find out.

The full interview can be found at this link: