Why Are You Still Following This Story?

A recent comment on this site got me thinking. Someone simply wrote, “Incredible that this stunt is still continuing.” This obviously comes from someone who thinks that the whole E-Cat story is some attention-seeking (or money-seeking) attempt. But it does make me wonder why, after so many months, people continue to follow this story when we are still waiting for any real-world E-Cat or any other LENR technology to appear.

I heard about the energy catalyzer in January of last year, and since that time I have followed it as closely as I can. I have found out in the process of writing about what I have learned that I am not alone. I have my own thoughts on the topic which I have shared, but I am interested in why people keep coming back to this and other web sites. My site stats show that majority of visitors to this site are repeat visitors, with plenty of people returning hundreds of times.

I know that many visitors are not E-Cat enthusiasts, and some are very skeptical. So, I’m just wondering — what keeps you interested after all this time?