LENR: Part of the Onward March of Technological Progress

I’d like to thank Sterling Allan of PESN for bringing attention to the recent three part BBC series on the history of electricity. I have to say these are some of the finest documentaries I have ever seen — the Beeb at its best. As I have watched these shows I cannot help drawing parallels between the current state of LENR research and the beginnings of research into electricity. You will be able to watch the videos at the PESN link above, or on this YouTube Channel.

After watching these programs (each segment an hour long), one of the things that stands out most to me is just how crucial the efforts of a very small group of people who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of knowledge have been upon the world. The pioneers in the field of electricity were people who were working at the edge of the known universe. The BBC documentaries describes many of these people as unusual, driven, ambitious, even eccentric — and yet their contributions to our world have been incalculable. Each pioneer in the field built on the work of those who have preceded him, and sometimes people working independently of one another come up with a similar insight. The result was the world as we know it — modern civilization could not exist were it not for the dedication of these scientific trailblazers.

The march of technological progress over the last few centuries is a really incredible story. We have gone from a very primitive technological state to today’s world in a very short period of time. Have we reached the technological zenith yet? Are we ready to begin a long decline? I very much doubt it. While the exact nature of the next breakthroughs are hard to predict, there does seem to be a gradual unstoppable movement of greater and greater technological achievements — and I don’t think we have seen the best yet. Where all this will lead, we cannot know, but there seems currently to be in some corners of the scientific and engineering community an awakening to the idea that new forces of nature referred to a low energy nuclear reactions can, like electricity in some way, be controlled and directed for the benefit of the human race.