Indian Newspaper Column Calls For Government LENR Program

Here’s more evidence that LENR is being taken seriously in various parts of the world. B.S. Raghavan, writing a column in the Hindu, an Indian English language newspaper, calls for Indian government scientific advisors to study the current research on LENR and brief the Indian government about it.

Raghavan cites a speech recently given by former Associate Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Dr M.Srinivasan, who described the current revival in the field of LENR research. The column urges that the Indian scientific community take up serious study of the topic, and not ignore this opportunity for improved energy production.

Here is a golden opportunity that the Principal Scientific Adviser, Dr R.Chidambaram, should not fail to grasp, especially in view of the explicit duty cast on him to create missions and undertake multi-departmental, multi-institutional projects in strategic, technology and other areas of economic and social relevance.

The first essential step is to have the proposal studied in depth by the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet and take it before the Cabinet with a framework and a flowchart for implementation.

It seems that an increasing number of scientists and observers are recognizing the potential of LENR to be an important solution to energy problems. I expect that over time similar calls to this one from India will become more frequent.