Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Comments on LENR Research

I wanted to bring attention to comments that Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy has been making on an earlier post about Brillouin’s work. Sometimes comments in old posts get buried, and I thought it useful to bring attention to an interesting comment of Godes about the cost of running LENR tests. He wrote:

“Actually all it takes is the money to pay for the test. You put up the $500K and SRI will run the test and wright the report! Actually Fran at SRI is getting ready to publish papers that show putting a big pulse of electricity through a Pd wire loaded with any form of H produces excess energy. BEC just has the technology to make that wire last a long time while producing the extra energy. I had nothing to do with that experiment or the one performed by Tom Claytor at LANL. That experiment was based on the presentation. The parameters were not correct to produce 4He but is did produce tritium from high purity deuterium with not fast neutrons or 3He formation. That proves that what BEC published in E25Tec.PPS is what is happening. Well at least that the process is the accumulation of low energy neutrons that can be formed by creating rouge waves in a lattice loaded with H.”

It’s always good to hear directly from people involved in the research process, and apparently there are interesting reports to look forward to coming out of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) from their work with Brillouin. Thanks to Robert Godes for his comments here, and I hope we can hear more from him in the future.