Rossi: ‘Substantial Progress’ Made on Certification

This just posted by Andrea Rossi about the status of safety certification approval from Underwriters Laboratories.

The certification process is going on. By the way, yesterday I spent all the day with the certification engineers and we made substantial progress. In this very moment I am working at my desk to make the paper work they asked me yesterday. It will take all today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday), just to give you an idea of our endeavours on this issue.
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Safety certification is essential for Rossi’s plans to introduce his low-price E-Cats to the mass market. We won’t see domestic E-Cats without it, so it’s expected that Rossi will do whatever needs to be done to get that process complete. I was a little surprised to hear Rossi report that he was personally spending time with the certification engineers — I guess I didn’t realize that the process could be so hands-on with the applicants. Anyway, it’s interesting to hear a little bit about the details of the process.

In another comment Rossi remarked on some plans for the industrial application of his technology:

I want to add that we are setting up a division to produce and sell thermal energy, in future electric energy. We are in contact with Companies selling thermal energy to put our plants adjacent to their network to produce energy, inject it in their grid.

Rossi has often said that he thinks his E-Cat technology will be integrated with other sources of energy, and this idea seems to indicate that he plans to operate in cooperation with other energy providers. That would be an interesting alliance.