Rossi Says Additional E-Cat Factory to be Built in Europe

I sent a question to Andrea Rossi today and received an answer, plus information I didn’t ask for. My question to Rossi was regarding the length of time it might take to start producing domestic E-Cat units once safety certification was granted. Rossi replied:

Dear Frank Acland:
We have already made all the engineering of the production line in the two factories we will set up (one in the USA, one in Europe) and we will have just to set up the software of the robots and fix the drawings after the requirements of the Certificators. I think that it will take from 6 to 12 months afer the certifications will be done to start the production.
Warm Regards,

Rossi had told me in February that there would only be one factory built — in the United States. He said at that time that he thought shipping would be cheap enough from the US that it wouldn’t be necessary to have more than one plant. Now a second factory in Europe is announced, so there must have been a change of mind for some reason. Two factories, of course, would mean double the production of E-Cats, so it would help with the rapid deployment of this technology around he world.

When Rossi says that the engineering of the production line is “already made” it seems to me that he means that the hardware is ready to go, with more work required on the software. Rossi has mentioned before that final design of the domestic E-Cats cannot be completed until certification is approved, since the certifying agencies may require modifications in the design of the E-Cats.