Piantelli Presents Nickel-Hydrogen LENR Research Data in Siena, Italy — 20W In, 71W Out

At The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) in Siena Italy, Italian biophysicist Francesco Piantelli of the University of Siena, and researcher in the field of Nickel-Hydrogen reactions presented some of his research data to the conference. His slide show can be seen here.

Piantelli was involved with nickel-hydrogen LENR long before Andrea Rossi, and for a time Sergio Focardi worked with him. The data presented at the conference shows a reaction in which a significant amount of excess energy is produced from his reaction.

The concluding slide in the presentation sums up the results of Piantelli’s research:

“*We are very close to the auto-sustenance (less than 20W introduced and 71W produced = 91 W)(t=260 C)=> We want to evaluate the possibility to increase the produced power to 100W

“**We have seen that the energy produced can be obtained between 200 degrees C and 400 degrees C.=> We want to evaluate the best temperature interval inside that region.

“***We want to evaluate the effect of a magnetic field on the absorption and on the primer of the energy emission.

“****We have indication that the phenomenon takes place at the surface of the sample; we have seen in previous experiments a transmutation effect.=>We want to evaluate the residue by means of SEM-EDAX and SIMS technique”

While working with smaller amounts of power scale than what Rossi is apparently using, Piantelli’s research shows some very interesting and significant results. We have yet another serious researcher describing how excess energy can be produced by means of a nickel-hydrogen reaction. Piantelli has started a company, Nichenergy, which may prove to be a significant competitor to Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and Defkalion Green Technologies.