Rossi: E-Cat Plant for Italy

In an interview with italian magazine Corriere Della Fantascienza (Science Fiction Courier), Andrea Rossi comments on aspects of his work, business and personal life. The interviewer, Antonella Spotti Basilico, seems to be more interested in Rossi the man and his lifestyle rather than his technology, and asks about such things as family, food, jet lag and coffee.

She does, however broach the subject of Rossi’s European factory which he announced recently (translated by Google with edits):

Basilico: The plant in Europe will be in Sweden?

Rossi: Most likely, we will work both in Sweden and Italy.

Basilico: Wonderful news, I must say unexpected!

Rossi: I have the Italian DNA, the third generation family of Italian entrepreneurs, I decided that I can’t not work in Italy.

Basilico: Will the factory be in Bologna?

Rossi: (pauses, smiles) No comment.

If Rossi does build an E-Cat factory in Italy it would not be surprising to see it in Bologna, since he already has premises there, and he has dealings with people at the University of Bologna. Swheden would make sense too, since Scandinavia would be a region where there would be a high demand for cheap heating products — think of all the E-Cat powered saunas they could have!

Google translated version of the interview can be read here. (Note, for some odd reason, Google often translates ‘Rossi’ as ‘Smith’!)

Original article in Italian is here.