MIT’s Hagelstein Demos JET Energy Cold Fusion to Mass. State Senator Tarr

Cold Fusion Times is reporting that Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr was hosted at MIT by Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz who demonstrated their JET Energy cold fusion paladium-zirconium based NANOR system which has reportedly been able to show a continuous production of excess heat for over two months.

Hagelstein presented a research report about this system at the recent Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Siena, Italy. Slides from the Siena presentation can be seen here. Hagelstein will also be presenting about JET Energy’s technology at the upcoming Atom Unexplored conference in Torino, Italy.

From the Cold Fusion Times report:

Dr. Mitchell Swartz and Prof. Hagelstein led the discussion and reviewed the development of nanomaterial cold fusion devices for over more than two decades, and this particular R&D breakthrough and some of the components which allow its function. The group contributing to the discussion on ways to help push the technology forward included Dr. Brian Ahern, Keith Owens (who initiated the visit), A.J. Paglia , and Stephen Mulloney. Sen. Tarr’s excellent questions, and his continued interest to investigate this ultra-efficient and ultraclean energy production technology, herald his awareness of the importance of this alternative energy to the security and energy interests of the Commonwealth.

Outside the limits of those in the blogosphere who are following recent LENR developments there has not been very much attention paid to this cold fusion activity at MIT, and apart from Prof. Hagelstein’s presentations we haven’t seen MIT publicizing this work — which, given the overall climate when it comes to this field of research isn’t too surprising. Senator Tarr, who also has met with Andrea Rossi to discuss his work, seems to be somewhat of an anomaly; very few politicians have been publicly dicussing cold fusion as a potential energy solution.