Earth Day Viewing: 3 Years Later, Repost of 60 Minutes on Cold Fusion

It has been 3 years now since CBS’ 60 Minutes revisited the long-dismissed subject of cold fusion in a piece called “More Than Junk Science” in which it took a serious look at the state of research into the field of cold fusion in 2009. At the time of the making of this piece there was no mention of some of the names and organizations currently working in the field, and nickel-hydrogen reactions, now very much in vogue, were not covered.

Some names familiar to today’s LENR watchers are included, however. Michael McKubre of SRI (now working with Brillouin Energy) and Rob Duncan of the University of Missouri (eorking at the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at MU) are both interviewed for the piece — as well Martin Fleischmann. It’s an old piece now, with lots of developments having taken place since it was first aired, but it may be interesting to people who have not seen it before — and might make for some enjoyable viewing on Earth Day.