Federal Grants Key To Understanding LENR Phenomona, Says U of Missouri’s Rob Duncan

An article published in the University of Missouri’s MizzouWeekly newspaper discusses work that will be done the at the University’s Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance which was recently established through a gift of $5.5 million from philanthropist Sidney Kimmel.

The work of the institute is going to focus on the theoretical underpinnings of LENR reactions. According to John Gahl, director of MU’s Material Science Program, the University’s Research Reactor is currently being used to evaluate various LENR theories. Gahl says, “We’re taking a look directly at the theoretical constructs that have been put forward as a way to explain these phenomena. The theories are falsifiable, so we should be able to construct experiments to show whether this theory or that theory is absolutely incorrect.”

Rob Duncan, MU vice chancellor of research estimates that to date, only $2 million in federal research funds have been allocated to help the advancement of understanding of LENR. He says, ““I think it’s unusual, given the body of evidence, that there isn’t more money being spent to inquire what’s going on . . . Competitive grants — awards based on proven scientific merit — are the key to really getting at what is happening, because then clever research groups around the country can apply for federal funding to try and figure it out.” Duncan notes that since much of the research in LENR is privately funded, research results are proprietary, and therefore hard for other researchers to examine and build upon.

The article notes that Energetics Technologies, a private cold fusion company founded in Israel, but now part of MU’s Life Sciences incubator, will be working with MU researchers.