US Senate Candidate Kerrey’s Cold Fusion Ties

I was interested to discover today that former Nebraska Governor and Senator (and 1992 presidential candidate) Bob Kerrey, has been involved in consulting for Israeli company Energetics Technologies, which is involved in cold fusion research. According to an article in the Washington Examiner, Kerrey earned $800,000 from the Sidney Kimmel Revocable Trust for his work with Energetics Technologies, a company that is working at the University of Missouri with the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance.

Kerrey, a Democrat, is again running for a seat in the US senate, but his candidacy is considered by most political analysits to be a long shot this year. Politico reports that Sidney Kimmel has donated the maximum allowable contribution of $5000 to Kerrey’s campaign. Despite these connections (and not surprisingly), I have not been able to find any mention in Kerrey’s campaign literature of any mention of cold fusion/LENR as part of an energy policy — but it would be interesting to learn more from Kerrey about his involvement in the field, and what his thoughts are about cold fusion as a viable energy source. Any Nebraskans out there?