Iron and Lead Fusion?

A kind reader forwarded me a link to an abstract of an article that has apparently been accepted for publication in the American Physical Society’s Physical Review C journal. The title of the article is “Cold fusion reaction of 58Fe + 208Pb analyzed by a generalized model of fusion by diffusion” authored by Zu-Hua Liu and Jing-Dong Bao. Fe is the symbol for iron, and Pb is lead.

An abstract to the article can be found at the following link: Quite honestly, reading the abstract I can understand very little of what the authors are talking about. The abstract concludes by saying, “we have arrived at the conclusion that nucleon flow between the asymmetric reaction partners in the early stage of fusion process plays an important role in the formation of superheavy nuclei in the cold fusion reactions.”

If any readers might be able to interpret what might be going on here, I for one would be very grateful!