Rossi on What Happens Inside the E-Cat

In the recent interview with Russell Scott of West Coast Truth, Andrea Rossi seemed to be happy to discuss some of the theoretical aspects of cold fusion in general, and even of the E-Cat — a topic he does not often discuss in much detail. On many occasions, Rossi has said that he will not discuss what happens inside the E-Cat’s reactor, so it was somewhat surprising to hear him go into quite a bit of detail of what he says is happening in his invention.

He prefaced the following by saying “What happens for example, for what I can say, inside an ecat?”

“We force the proton, the nucleus of the atom of hydroge (which is a proton) to enter at very high to pressures, concentrating, focusing his mass on an extremely small surface. The pressure is a force that depends not only on the mass that makes the pressure, but also on the width of the surface upon which this mass focuses its weight. So you can reach very high gavelios[?] of pressure without the necessity to increase the mass but you can do it reducing the surface upon which the mass of the object focuses its mass. This way we force the atoms that are in the surrounding of the hydrogen inside the microcaves[?] of the nickel grains, we reduce the surface upon which they produce the starting pressure. The starting pressure that can be for example, 1 PSI [pound per square inch], If instead of the pressure distributing its action upon one square inch, focuses on a decreasing surface up to one square nanometer, at that point the value of the pressure increases exponentially. At this point these grains go so close that their quantistic[?] status can change and emit gamma rays.”

This is a transcipt as best as I can determine of what Rossi said, excluding some extraneous words and phrases. I have put question marks after words that I was not sure of — his accent can be hard to follow at times, and sometimes he seems to make up English translations of Italian words on the fly. If anyone can correct them I would be very appreciative. This transcript was taken starting at around 26:00 of the audio file.

After giving this explanation, Rossi joked, “I have not understood what I said — I hope you can understand better than me.”