Rossi Talks of Breakthrough: Stability at ‘Very High’ Temperatures

Two recent posts by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics speak of a considerable breakthrough that he seems very excited about. We know that Rossi has been in search of high temperature steam in order to create efficient electricity. He has said for a while now that instability in his reactor has prevented him from achieving this goal, although he has mentioned progress has been made.

Now he is speaking of a breakthrough in this area. Here are his posts:

May 4th

Dear Fabio:
Thank you for your kind attention.
You are right: some puppett is trying to stop our work saying we cannot go on selling a producte that is not well known. Note: first they said my product was bullshit, now they have to change channel and try to raise the safety problem. But , as we always said, our product will hit the non military market only after due certification; besides, we know very well our product and how it works, so it is wrong to say we do not know how the E-Cat works. About the market: you are right again, People will vote with their money and decide if the E-Cat works or not.
By the way: we are working very hard on the temperatures, and we have reached a tremendous goal in the last week. We are making a test which endures since a week, that could make a revolution in the revolution. It will go ahead for a month.
For now, just working.

May 5th

Dear Dr Joseph Fine:
I agree.
It’s Saturday, but today and tomorrow we will work 24 hours a day on the reactor we have made here in the USA: we have stabilized it at very high temperatures…and when I say very high I mean it. We understood the reason of the instability, so now the work is going on hard.

Of course we have no independent verification of what Rossi is saying here and so skeptics will continue to doubt. But for others this will be potentially heartening information, especially since Rossi says that they now understand the reason why instability was taking place. Greater knowledge of his reaction will mean greater control and eventually more sophisticated products. High temperatures to produce efficient electricity is of great importance if the E-Cat is going to be a truly revolutionary technology, and Rossi indicates that his goal now might now be a step closer to becoming a reality.

UPDATE: Rossi was asked on his blog whether this breakthrough would have any impact on the smaller domestic E-Cats he is planning on manufacturing. His reply was, “the domestic the safety issues are still prohibitive, but for the industrial applications we made a gigantic step forward.”