Waiting for October Again

October 2011 was a key month in the E-Cat Story — when Andrea Rossi conducted demonstrations of his E-Cat technology to some interested parties in Bologna, Italy. We know that not everyone was bowled over by these demos, and many people are watching and waiting for more definitive evidence of the E-Cat’s validity. Now October 2012 is now on the calendar of E-Cat watchers, with Andrea Rossi making the following statement on his Journal of Nuclear Physics web site:

Dear Antonella:
In October we will make a convention of all our Licensees and their list will be put in our website.
For now we are just organizing the network. It is also premature to talk of prices, since the prices for the domestic E-Cats will be set after the certification, which is in course. Only the price for the 1 MW plants is fixed, and the 1 MW plants are the sole item that Leonardo Corp can sell now.
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Warm Regards,

What will go on at a licensee convention is unclear at this point, but Rossi has spoken in the past about such a meeting and indicated that this will be a time where licensees will get detailed information about the domestic E-Cats that they are going to be licensing, and one would expect there would be demonstrations of working models at this time. No details yet, of course — but we can again circle October on our calendars.