E-Cat World Reader Visits MIT to See LENR NANOR Device

Thanks to E-Cat World reader ‘Barry’ for taking the time and trouble to visit MIT yesterday to talk with Dr. Peter Hagelstein and view Dr. Mitchell Swartz’s LENR NANOR device. Here is a brief preliminary report he made as a comment on a previous thread.

Hi all, Off the subject. I Went to MIT yesterday. Peter Hagelstein is a gracious man. Unfortunately he asked me not to video the interview. Though I was able to video the “Nanor” the CF/LENR device. I asked PH if I could put it on Youtube and he recommended I ask Mitchell Swartz. So I emailed MS and surprisingly got a quick, gracious reply this morning. He said the device is owned by JET Energy Inc. And to send him a copy of the video to get clearance from them. I don’t think either one is sure of where I’m coming from. I don’t blame them. I’m just a guy off the street who just wants to spread awareness. Sorry for the wait all of this isn’t as instantaneous as I thought it would be. Hopefully I’ll get a written report out tonight and if all goes well a video of the Nanor next week.

Peace, Barry