Rossi Reversal: No E-Cat Plant for Italy

Just a day or so after stating that Leonardo Corp. would be be building E-Cats in Italy, Andrea Rossi changed his mind. The reason behind the reversal: a statement by an Italian official in response to a question raised in the Italian parliament about Low Energy Nuclear Reaction as a potential energy solution. A letter by Italian Secretary of State, Professor Claudio De Vincenti was published on which seems to shed doubts upon whether Italian governmental policy would look favorably on E-Cat Technology.

Some sections of the letter (Google translated):

At the present state of research on low energy nuclear reactions, reproducibility, although improved over the last years of the last century, is still unsatisfactory . . . As for the energy catalyzer called E-Cat . . . it has become evident that many doubts arise on the device due to the fact that the mode of operation have not been disclosed by the inventor. In fact, both the substantive aspects of the fuel composition, the internal structure of the catalyst are still covered by trade secret . . .

There are various and conflicting statements by the inventor. Occasionally, Mr Rossi stated that within his unit “does not produce nuclear reactions”, implicitly excluding, the device can be considered a nuclear reactor. In others, however, the engineer stated that the ‘ E-cat produces only the weak gamma rays that can be easily shielded with a layer of lead. This will not be enough to make the device easy to marketing a product.

Apparently this statement was enough to give Leonardo Corp. pause. Rossi stated that after a meeting, the company decided that “the production will be focused on the USA alone, for the first years.” In a later post, Rossi gave an explanation for the decision:

The false statements contained in the answer that the Italian Government guy ( a deputy minister !!!) has given are a clear signal. If you analyse the language and compare the evident lack of specific information of this guy with the arrogance of his conclusions ( for example: “the patent will not be granted in Europe”, and he knows nothing of the pending patents, or ” Rossi in some occasion said his apparatus emits radiations, in other occasions said the contrary”, which is false because I always said that no radiations are emitted to the external of the apparatuses from the E-Cats, and I always said that the low level gamma rays inside the E-Cat are turned into heat) and compare the arrogance of the statements with the evident lack of information,as I was saying, the signal is clear: lobbies bound to the government have acted. Add the fact that a person, financed by the taxpayer, is blowing on the fire to try to stop us to promote more public funding to state owned companies that produced only chatters in 20 years of work, shake the all and the resulting cocktail is: better we stay away from there, if I want not to get stuck in the mud. We will sell in Italy our production, but will work safe in the USA and, probably, in Sweden, where we are organizing a strong organization.

For those who have studied Rossi’s life, it is not surprising that he would want to steer clear of any conflicts with Italian officials. He was imprisoned in Italy about thirty years ago for his involvement with Petroldragon, being convicted for the improper storage of contaminated waste. Rossi has said that he feels like he has been given a second chance to make a success of his work in the United States, and it seems he feels that the USA is a place where he can carry on his business in a free and fair business environment.