About Moderating on E-Cat World

I want to comment about my moderation policy on E-cat World. I have mentioned before that I like to have a light touch when it comes to moderationg, and prefer to do so sparingly. I don’t mind if people present different point of views about the topics featured on this site, so long as they can do so without being overly obnoxious about it. By ‘obnoxious’ I mean being personally insulting to other posters, using profanity, getting seriously and repeatedly off topic, or generally being very unpleasant and annoying.

Another thing I would like to avoid is for this site to become a forum where posters get involved in debates, with repeated posts back and forth making essentially the same point about the same thing over and over is something I would prefer to stay away from on this site.

Please don’t take this to mean that I want to stop people chatting with each other in the comments section. There are many interesting exchanges taking place here, and I want to encourage that. I will continue to favor the ‘light touch’ approach, but I may start pruning threads if endless debates continue where little new information is being shared.

I admit that moderating is not an exact science, it’s going to be based on my judgement calls, and I will try to err on the side of leniency. Some will disagree with me, I am sure — but the good thing about the Internet is that there are a variety of places for discussion, and people can migrate to places they want to go.

Thanks to all who read and contribute, and help make E-Cat World an interesting source of information. Many of the comments here are very interesting and informative, and help to shed new light on the topics we are dealing with.


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