PESN Reports on Defkalion Progress

In this week’s LENR-to-Market Weekly update where Sterling Allen of PESN reviews recent activity in the LENR field he makes a comment about Defkalion Green Technologies:

“A group Defkalion is working with wants them to postpone posting data from their tests until August when there is a big conference where they will be making a presentation. The scuttlebutt is that while the third party test results have been positive, there have been indications of instability and inconsistency between tests, which doesn’t speak well for production readiness. They’re still on track as a leader, but not in first position any more. In my opinion, the long delay in posting those test results which were supposed to be forthcoming even as early as during the testing, contrary to their promised early release, is a significant setback.”

Since Defkalion closed off most public communications earlier in the year it has been difficult to find out very much about the state of progress there. Allen’s report here does not name the group working with DGT, doesn’t provide any sources of the “scuttlebut” he mentions, so things are still somewhat foggy. Defkalion did release a slideshow of photos testing and factory preparation recently, and they have been advertising on their web site for a number of jobs at their company — so there is at least an appearance of progress from the company. It would be nice to know some more details, but the absence of any information from the parties that went to test in Greece keeps us guessing.

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