Rossi on 600 Degrees Celsius E-Cat: “Yes, it Works”

When I have Andrea Rossi previously regarding the heat he was able to achieve with the new and improved E-Cat configuration, he cautiously declined to name a temperature. Last week, Brian Josephson reported that the temperature was 600 degrees C, and yesterday, Rossi made a public statement about it:

“Today, Saturday May 19th,right now, 6.10 p.m. in Miami, I am working at 600 Celsius with the new E-Cat”

One reader responded, “If it were positive we dance with only one foot for the joy”, to which Rossi replied, “Dance on 2 feet, because you will have to dance a lot. Yes, it works.”

When I interviewed Rossi last week he was reluctant to make definitive statements about the success of this stability at high heat, saying that the data was not fully processed and he would not confirm the effect firmly. Now he seems more comfortable in making the affirmation. 600 degrees C takes the E-Cat to levels where it can produce the superheated steam used in conventional electrical generation — and into other realms were high temperatures are needed.