Rossi: “Important News” Coming Within Week

Andrea Rossi has got the attention of E-Cat watchers with a short statement yesterday: “Within a week we will have important news regarding the high temperature reactors.”

With a statement like this there is lots of room for speculation, but based on what Rossi has been saying lately, my guess is that the news will probably be the release of data from the tests that have been running on the high temperature E-Cats since Rossi also said yesterday “We will publish the tests and the COP calculation. The COP, anyway, is not different.”

To see data from these tests will certainly be interesting, and could raise the stakes in the newly emerging LENR industry if stable, reliable 600C reactor temperatures are reported. Of course, without third party confirmation of the data there will be room for skepticism from those who do not take Rossi seriously — but Rossi’s style has not been to satisfy the skeptics and he likely to release information on his own terms.