David J. Nagel on the Potential Benefits of LENR

An interesting and comprehensive article entitled “Potential Advantages and Impacts of LENR Generators of Thermal and Electrical Power and Energy” written by Professor David J. Nagel of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. has been published in Infinite Energy magazine. The article deals with many potential benefits of LENR technology and its advantages over other sources on energy. Nagel is also the CEO of NUCAT Energy LLC that provides educational and consulting service in the field of LENR.

Nagel admits in the introduction of the article that the technology he is discussing has not yet been adequately proven, and explains that the benefits and advantages he lists are still hypothetical. The article contains a number of topics we have discussed on this site, but in doing so adds some useful facts and figures that provide a nice reference for people interested in LENR.

We’re still going to have to wait, however, to know for sure if these potential benefits will stop being just ‘potential’. There is certainly plenty of anticipation and hope building.