Rossi: 600C E-Cat Test Continues for Over 30 Days

On May 17th, in a post on his Journal of Nuclear Physics site Andrea Rossi answered a question regarding the the composition of transmutated particles in the 600C E-Cat reactor that is being tested. He said, “The 600 Celsius reactor is working since 20 days now. We are improving. We, obviously, will make a throughly analisys of the metals when we will turn it off.”

I followed up yesterday with a question about whether this test had concluded yet, and if so, how long it lasted. Rossi’ answer: “Still in course is the high temperature test. We have to make several thousands of hours of work.”

Today would then be the 38th day that this test has been underway — so far this would be about 900 hours of testing. If he is talking about several thousands of hours of testing, it would mean at a few more months would be required. If the long term goal is constant electricity generation from these high temperature E-Cats you would have to have extended periods of testing to see how the units hold up over time.

It’s not clear exactly what is going on in this test. When Rossi says things like, “we are improving”, or, “we are resolving problems”, it sounds like they are working on the refining the configuration as the test is underway. Hopefully we can get more information about this process.