More on Alberto Carpinteri’s LENR Theories

Thanks to E-Cat World reader Alain Samoun who submitted the following guest post concerning Alberto Carpinteri, whose theoretical position on LENR in the earth’s crust has stirred up opposition among some researchers in Italy who are asking the Italian Ministry of Education to investigation into his work.

Alberto Carpinteri is not an amateur scientist, he is one of the most well known in his specialty, structural mechanics, with hundreds of publications, he is the head of INRIM, the Italian institute of Metrology.

His presentation at Turin was well documented, very convincing and the result of over four years of experiments based on the study of material compression that exist also in nature during earthquakes, producing nuclear fission and transmutations without radioactivity.

This could explain the reaction of the scientific oligarchy as it shakes many believes especially in physics, geology, cosmogony and biology. One thing to say is that these phenomenons are nuclear fission, not fusion like in the other LENR experiments, they don’t necessary produce energy, but sometimes actually consume energy like when iron transmute to aluminum.

The geological examples given by Carpinteri to illustrate the laboratory experiments results are stunning and are going to be studied in the future by many geologists and cosmogonists to explain the earth and other planets’ evolution including the formation of atmosphere, oceans and even the origin of life. Of course the basis of the physics of these new discoveries has also to be explained. One thing mentioned by Carpinteri is the transmutations that seem to happen in material near a compression test but actually not compressed themselves … A case of energy transfer through quantum entanglement?


UPDATE: Alessio Guglielmi of the University of Bath has written an open letter to Dr. Carpinteri with five questions about his work, asking him to justify his work as a valid scientific enterprise. A Google translated version of the letter can be read here

Alberto Carpinteri has responded to this letter with a post on Google translation is here (Thanks, Ivan!)