The Motivating Power of Hope for LENR

Hope is a powerful force in many peoples’ lives. I talk regularly with people who, like me, are not content to accept that the status quo is the way things have to be. Hope is a power that drives people to conceive and build many of the innovations and improvements that we have seen over the centuries. It is hope and faith that something better is possible that drives the inventor, the discoverer, the pioneer to do things that have never been done before.

We live in a world where a feeling of depression and despondency is pervasive. Fears of scarcity, of debt, of economic and mental depression, of environmental catastrophe seem to dominate headlines, debates and discussions in public and private arenas. There is a sense that the current ‘system’ is broken, and try as we might, we don’t seem have the ability to pull ourselves out of the many problems that grip our world.

How does LENR affect this situation? To many who acquaint themselves with the facts surrounding LENR, there is a realization that we may not have to be stuck with the way the world currently works — an economic system based largely on the burning of fossil fuels, something which brings with it a host of problems on local and international levels. It may be that in the emerging LENR movement there could be a seed of real change that can affect the world for the better in revolutionary ways. If LENR technology can be developed to provide clean, abundant energy at very low cost, all kinds of problems fall by the wayside, and many opportunities for progress and prosperity spring up.

I think that those who have done pioneering research and development work in this field, and who have found that there is potential to find energy in a radically new way on an atomic scale deserve the thanks of all of us. Taking the first steps on a path that goes against prevailing wisdom can be very difficult, and can cost a lot in terms of money and professional reputations. Many of the great scientific names in history had to work in difficult circumstances against significant opposition. Most of us who are following LENR developments are not scientists or inventors — but I think there are ways to for most of us to do something to help bring about positive change. What that is can vary from person to person, but just being aware of what is going on, and sharing information with others can go a long way to help bring attention of this phenomenon to a larger audience.

I have no illusions about the difficulties and obstacles that need to be dealt with to bring a new technology into the mainstream of society. All kinds of problems — technical, financial, political, legal, etc. — will need to be dealt with, which may take a lot of time, money, and persuasive power. But it seems that already the LENR genie is out of the bottle, and with so many people around the world now having knowledge of validity of this technology, it is going to be very difficult put it back and pretend it never existed.

The hope for a better world through LENR technology can be a real motivating factor now for many people to get involved in its growth and development. I see this already happening, and it makes me glad to be alive in this exciting time.

Frank Acland