Two New LENR Related Articles

I wanted to bring attention to two new articles that have just been published in connection with LENR.

The first is a detailed scientific paper submitted to the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (not yet published there) written by Dr. Edmund Storms, entitled “An Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (Cold Fusion)” In this paper the author rejects the idea that LENR nuclear reactions take place within the lattice of materials used in LENR systems, but proposes a new structure, common to all LENR reactions, must form which he calls the Nuclear Reaction Environment (NAE). The NAE, he says, “is proposed to take the form of a crack or gap that forms by stress relief in conventional structures.”

The second article is more of a review article published on website written by British chemistry professor and author Chris Rhodes that looks at the current state of fusion research (hot and cold). The title of the article is “The Progress made in the Different Fields of Nuclear Fusion.” The information about the work of Rossi, Focardi and Defkalion GT will not be new to people who have been following the story, but Rhodes’ account of the state of hot fusion research is interesting to those of us who have been concentrating on the ‘cold’ side of things.