Piantelli Seeking Investments [Updated — Virgilio Clarifies]

Roy Virgilio, a person close to Francesco Piantelli, the Italian physicist at the University of Siena who has long been involved in nickel-hydrogen research has made a statement on the Italian site, www.energeticambiente.it. An edited Google translation of what he wrote is below (with thanks and acknowledgements to Akira Shirakawa on vortex-l)

Hello everybody,

After a long silence, I bring good news. Yesterday I went to the lab of Piantelli to check the progress of his work. Now I can’t talk about it, but among other things he unlocked the old plan of share ownership.

In fact, fund raising to support prof. Piantelli’s LENR project will start soon. The collection of funds will be managed by an association which will collect invesments of various amounts (such as 100 – 200 – 300 – 500 – 1000 Euros).
These fees will add up until a total amount of 50000 to 100000 Euro is achieved, in order to acquire a share of the Metalenergy company which holds an exclusive European license on generators with ranges from 101 W to 7 kW.

The money will be used directly to fund the laboratory for the development of such generators (already under construction) and will then be rewarded with royalties from the sale of the of said generators (already in development) and will be then rewarded with royalties deriving from the sale of the generators themselves or from the licenses granted over the entire European territory.

As soon as the bureaucratic-organizational aspect will be ready, it will become possible to deposit shares.

I will talk about cold fusion and this particular project on Saturday, June 16th in Viterbo during the “Energiainmovimento” event from 15:30 to 16:30. You can download the program here:


Full speed ahead!


It is clear from this that Piantelli is looking to set up a company that would be in competition to both Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies. Mentioned here are generators with power output up to 7 kW. He uses the term generator rather than heater, so it sounds like electrical production is being claimed here. As with Rossi and DGT, no fully independent verification of the claims have been presented by Piantelli’s group, and without that, it might be hard to raise the funds mentioned here.

Perhaps more information will be provided at the meeting this Saturday. For more information on Piantelli’s work, his colleague Valerio Ciampoli presented a review of his work at the recent Atom Unexplored conference in Torino, Italy. Video of the presentation can be seen below.

Anomalous Phenomenon in Ni‐H Systems from Nikola Duper on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Akira Shirakawa for sending some responses Roy Virgilio sent him following some questions about the initial post mentioned above (See next page)

Akira Shirakawa: I asked Roy Virgilio to provide some clarifications on certain passages of his previous forum post, managing to obtain some more information. I will translate his new message below (thanks again Google Translate):


Here I see there’s need to clarify a point. Piantelli DOES NOT HAVE A READY PRODUCT yet. He does not have a box to sell. He is not Rossi. Please change your point of view.
The fundraising is done to finance the CONSTRUCTION of the prototype. We are in the RESEARCH phase. We do not sell anything.

This is about betting, risking.

Metalenergy, a subsidiary of Nichenergy (a company directly created by Piantelli and and a few other close associates), is the company which has the European exclusive for the sale of FUTURE generators between 101 watts and 7 kW. Or sale of licenses.

Nichenergy is only the company, closed to everybody, which manages the laboratory and the development of the [Ni-H] discovery. It does the research.
Once this research will have borne fruit, the enjoyment of these will come through Metalenergy. Who is in Metalenergy will at that point enjoy direct earnings and the royalties derived from the sale of products throughout Europe.

CURRENTLY who enters Metalenergy, actually finances Nichenergy, allowing it to complete the research and development.

To summarize, the fundraiser we’re going to open soon will be to fund the research and development of a prototype, and if all goes well, only then it will be possible to see the results deriving from the sale of products that DEPEND on research today.

So, who wants to put some money on this, will have to consider it almost as a donation or, more realistically, as a medium / high risk investment.
But there is this to consider: the association will purchase a share of Metalenergy worth today, say, 100000 euros.

This share in a few months or a year (as the work progresses and the goal becomes closer) could be worth say 200000, because in the meantime the risk that the work ends up with nothing will have decreased drastically.

So who will come at a later time, risking less, will have to pay double or take half the shares, and so on. Also, and this is an important thing for me, he will not have contributed on this historical adventure, and the advent of a new era where energy is clean and plentiful.

I hope that the picture is now clearer. However, all these things we will be more clearly explained on a few documents we’re currently preparing.

We, I’m saying this again and then I’m out, we do not want to sell you anything, we do not want to cheat you. This is only about actively participating in the financing and completion of the research and development of a product that can improve our lives. Those who believe in it, can participate; those who prefer purchasing a black box that MAYBE works… do that IF you can.


AS: Roy Virgilio was gracious enough to provide more answers and clarifications in an additional post:


Q by Shirakawa: If Piantelli convinced the scientific community (which, unfortunately, made recently a petition against piezonuclear reactions) that LENR is a reality, then investments would not be a problem anymore…

A: This is the path prof. Piantelli is going through lately. There are good chances that soon there will be fundamental data which could break down the brickwall once and for all (hopefully). If this finding is confirmed (the prof is ultra precise in these matters and the experiment will be repeated until there is no doubt that the result is not an artifact) well, then the reaction will no longer be denied by anyone.

Q by Shirakawa: you’re reporting for example, that the Professor could take up to a year to collect the remaining funds needed for research

A: Not really… in the sense that the fundraising is to achieve only 1% of the shares that Metalenergy is estimated being worth TODAY, which is around one million euros. The other stocks are traded to medium-large companies or investors of a certain level. This is just to make sure that everybody can contribute with something, and have in the future (but not in 10 years!) a fair profit. And this without having to ruin your life other than maybe giving up to 10 lottery tickets and investing just 100 euros for a certainly more noble cause.

Q by Maxwell61: there must at least be some cells that produce more than they consume must be, otherwise I suppose there would be no reason to do research

A: [Yes,] There are such cells.

Q by Maxwell61: I think that here we are just asking to have 2 numbers: input power and output power … and if making these measurements are part of the “future research” after the fundrasing or if it will be possible to have them before.

A: The matter is a bit different. In the sense that Piantelli, as repeatedly stated, kept for several months (more than eight) cells in continuous overunity and even in self-sustaining mode. This result is established and repeatable. Currently, however, experimentations are aimed at analyzing the fuel, the doping, geometry and nanometrics. So, some [cells] give overunity results, some do not, some show certain things and others make it understand which paths to NOT follow. So he is not working on scale-up and a single final prototype on which one can make measurements, but on different parallel experiments where each one shows something, makes better understand what is the best way to follow, both directly and indirectly.

As soon as a few parameters will be defined (and many are already!) maybe it will become possible any day to make a prototype that will pull 5 kW out of nothing. And not by a miracle or strange sequences of reactors in parallel (?) but because there will be the mastery of the phenomenon and its laws. But for this there will be to wait a little bit (in my opinion not too much).

Q by Maxwell61: Since we’re talking about money, a minimum standard of clarity is essential.

A: The clarity is and will obviously be necessary and will be given as much as possible also with patents and official documents. And, I hope, but this is just an idea that came to my mind now, even with regular visits to the lab from those who put money on this.