UK Dept. of Energy & Climate Change Comments on LENR

I thought this comment was worthy of its own post. E-Cat World reader Dave Hook posted this today:

I recently contacted The Department of Energy & Climate Change UK with regards to the Governmental line on LENR. I received this reply.

“Thank you for your email dated 26 May, regarding low energy nuclear research. I have been asked to reply.

Officials at DECC are aware that there are a number of reactor designs and technologies proposed for operation around the world however industry has not indicated that they would be looking to deploy them in the UK. Ultimately, it is for industry to decide what type of technology or fuel to use in its future reactor systems and as yet no proposals or arguments to develop cold fusion technology have been put forward.

We understand that both Industry and a majority of the scientific community view the claims of the University of Bologna with some significant scepticism, particularly towards whether a nuclear process is taking place. Guiseppe Levi, who arranged a demonstration of Andrea Rossi’s experiment at Bologna, has concluded that more experiments are needed to ascertain what processes are occurring.

We will continue to maintain a watching brief on this and a number of other technologies but we do not see this as a priority area for research, in the context of constrained budgets.

I hope that this is helpful.

Yours sincerely

DECC Correspondence Unit”