Latest Rossi Projections

As always, followers of the E-Cat story are interested to know when things are going to happen. Andrea Rossi provided today on his Journal of Nuclear Physics site a few pointers, which while rather vague, at gives us at least a provisional timetable about what to expect and when.

Q: Could you tell us how long the 600C reactor has been running continuously?

A: We are testing the 600 C E-Cat since a couple of months, and we had to resolve problems that emerged. We will continue the tests for at least another month, after wich we will publish a report. In this precise moment I am testing it, and it works, it works.

Q: So have you decided upon a date to end the extended period high temperature reactor test?

A: We need at least one more month to get sure results.

Q: When do you think there will be some LENR news for ordinary journalists to cover for their regular, layman readers.

A: Now the question is clear. Yes, I think so within months.

Q: When will it be released or made publically available? – weeks, months, years.

A: Months.

Just to be clear, there are two separate E-Cats being asked about above. The first two questions deal with the new high temperature E-Cat that according to Rossi is able to provide 600C heat; the second two questions are dealing with a working E-Cat that can be examined by members of the public or press — I think he is referring to a 1 MW plant that Rossi has said will be delivered to a non-military customer.

Whenever Rossi is asked about when the domestic E-Cat will be available he says that the timing is out of his hands — it will depend on when and whether it receives safety certification from the agencies he is working with in both Europe and the United States.

It’s interesting to see that Rossi reports encountering problems that needed resolving — not really surprising, but it seems to have pushed back the announcement of ‘important news’ that was supposed to have been imminent just a few weeks ago.

E-Cat watching is a pastime that requires patience!