New E-Cat Connection in Bologna

It looks like a new player in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat circle has been revealed.

On June 25th a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics wrote:

We are interested to distributed generation for small communities.

I would like to know if the plant is ready for sale and if I may contact you for a direct approach.

Michele Procida

To which Andrea Rossi responded:

Dear Michele:
For commercial issues in Italy, please contact
[email protected]

This was not the normal Leonardo Corp. email address that Rossi usually provides for people to contact him with inquires. Shortly after posting this address, Rossi deleted the post and replaced it with a similar post providing only his usual Leonardo address.

It turns out that an Aldo Proia is listed as Project Manager for a company called EnerGaya Srl, a company that deals with sustainable energy projects based in Bologna Italy. On June 25 if you went to Proia’s Facebook page, there was a picture of him standing inside a 1 MW E-Cat plant that looked like the one demoed in Bologna last October. That photo has now been replaced.

Today, Aldo Proia made this post on the website. Thanks to an E-Cat Reader for supplying this — better than Google!

to: Daniele Passerini
Date: June 27, 2012 10:14
object: clarification

Dear Daniele,
I’m Aldo Proia, the one about whom, I’ve been told, you wrote about in your blog.
Unfortunately, at the moment I’m on a 2 weeks holiday, therefore I can’t be reached for comments, and I can’t release interviews, so please do not try to be in touch with me for this period of time. In the next 2-3 weeks I will release a press statement, and all the relevant information will be available for all the news and bloggers, including yours. Please release this information on your blog, and accept my apologies for not being able to provide further details at the moment
Thanks in advance

It seems clear from all this that Aldo Proia has some kind of official relationship with Andrea Rossi — possibly he has a reseller’s license for Italy. The fact that he mentions a press release is interesting. Something to look out for.