Guidelines for E-Cat World Commenters

As site administrator of E-Cat World it is interesting to see the way different readers respond to articles posted here. For some reason the topic of cold fusion, LENR, and particularly the E-Cat bring out very strong responses from readers, from people who are both supportive and skeptical. I think I understand both positions.

Speaking for myself, I’m persuaded that the E-Cat is real, and that Andrea Rossi has developed the technology he claims. If I wasn’t convinced, I would not have created this site, and I wouldn’t be spending the amount of time that I do following the story and writing about it. Having said that, I realize that there are people with different points of view, who are yet to be persuaded, and are waiting for more evidence before they are convinced. I think that’s an understandable position to take.

When it comes to posting on this site, I am happy to see posts from people of either of these positions. If you have honest doubts about the E-Cat, go ahead and tell us why. If you are excited about the technology, and want to talk about why, please go ahead! If you are on the fence, explain why! If you have any comment about anything to do with E-Cat, cold fusion, LENR and issues that relate to these topics, please feel free to contribute.

Having said all this, there are some things I want to avoid here. If you disagree with another poster, whatever position they take on the subject at hand, please state your disagreement without attacking the person you disagree with. By attacking, I mean such things as mocking, name calling, accusing them of motives of which you have no proof, and being blatantly insulting. As moderator, I will delete posts that I believe have gone beyond the bounds of common decency.

Also, please don’t become overly repetitious in your postings to the extent that it becomes annoying. In addition, I will delete posts that are obviously provocative, harassing, off-topic, spamming, or otherwise objectionable.

Repeat offenders in any of these areas may be banned from posting on the site.

If you want to report what you consider to be abusive or objectionable posting you may contact me and inform me of your concerns. I am not able to monitor the site 24/7 and it may take some time before I take any action that I consider necessary.

In all these areas, I will make the final call, and I can’t promise that I will get it right in every circumstance. In many cases it will be a judgment call on my part. Feel free to let me know if you have a problem with my moderating.

Thanks to all those who make positive and interesting contributions to E-Cat World — there’s lots of good quality information shared here, and I sincerely hope that will continue as the interesting story we are following unfolds.


These guidelines have been added to the main menu of the site.