National Instruments to Feature LENR Presentation by Akito Takahashi at NIWeek 2012

Austin, Texas based National Instruments holds and Annual NIWeek event which features a plethora of presentations, workshops and training sessions. This year’s event is going to feature a presentation on LENR from Akito Takahashi, Senior Adviser at Technova Inc. in Japan. Takahashi is a retired professor from Osaka University and has been involved in research in the hot and cold fusion fields for many years.

NI was for a time involved in providing consulting to Andrea Rossi, and although the relationship never became permanent, it looks like NI is maintaining an interest in the LENR field.

Below are details about the session which are found in the catalog for the week.

NI WEEK 2012 TS9240 Technical Session 8/8/12 (Wednesday 8th) 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM Ballroom E

Status of CMNS/CF/LENR Research at Kobe-Technova

Title: Status of CMNS/CF/LENR Research at Kobe-Technova

Length: 30 Minute
Technical Level: Introductory
Abstract: The Kobe-Technova team has worked to elucidate the underlying physics of anomalous heat evolution effects in deuterium (D) and protium (H) gas-loaded nano-metal-compound systems. Basic tools are the twin D(H) gas-loading equipment and the supporting theoretical modeling by the TSC multibody fusion theory. Using various Pd-based and Ni-based nanofabricated samples, the team has reproducibly observed anomalous heat effects with isotopic differences using time-dependent (dynamic) data of thermal-power evolutions, D(H)/metal-atom loading ratios, and their temperature dependence (for Ni-based cases).
NIWeek Speaker: Akito Takahashi
Senior Adviser
Technova Inc.