Request to ECW from Tyler van Houwelingen — Off to South Korea!

I just received this message from Tyler van Houwelingen. Let’s see if we can help him out — I’m sure we join in a hearty congratulations to Tyler!

I was just asked and will be attending ICCF-17 in S. Korea next week to give my presentation, “Is commercial LENR the Real Deal”

Thanks ,Frank for finding/distributing the doc, albeit a few weeks earlier than I had expected :).I need inputs from all here to make sure I have all the facts correct and up to date. Also any tips on South Korea would be helpful.

I created this doc to offer a reference point for the facts and provide value for this discussion. Thanks for the corrections (jami, dfnj, AB, daniel, ville, methusela, etc.) I have incorporated your changes and will continue to update. If you believe I have made a mistake, please let me know what is stated incorrectly and include a source and I will change it. If you want me to add something, let me know what and the source. I want this doc to be as accurate, fact based and credible as possible.

It should be an interesting week in Daejeon and perhaps I will glean some more facts about what is really going on with higher power LENR. (Hopefully I’m not just filling in for Defkalion, I really hope they show up and have something worthwhile to say finally.) I will be speaking there for all of us, well at least most of us anyway, and will certainly share what I find.

For easy reference/sharing, I posted the doc at:



Below is an embedded version of the presentation: